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For decades, one-off aid projects have kept communities in Zimbabwe stuck in an endless cycle of poverty interrupted by fleeting moments of hope.

Bopoma Villages is different.


Our work is all about breaking this intergenerational cycle of despair. It’s about empowering whole communities of people to hope again and move forward by putting that hope into action.

Our work is comprehensive, community-based and cooperative. We help people create long-term access to clean water, grow nutritious food, live healthier lives and care for orphaned children within their communities.

Learn how your donation can help lift up communities in need:

Clean Water

Your donation will connect whole communities to clean water through household water filters and community wells.  Learn More

Nutritious Food

Your donation will transform land ravaged by climate change and drought into sustainable gardens that produce abundant wholesome food. Learn More

Safe and Healthy Homes

Your donation will teach families high-impact, low-cost ways to prevent disease and provide a healthy home. Learn More

Families for Orphans

Your donation will strengthen families to give orphaned children a home and the love and care they have been missing. Learn More

One of the most important tools we use to achieve all of this is partnership – among the community, our team, and supporters like you. Through your support of Bopoma Villages today, you can help produce a ripple effect that will lift up people in communities in need – now and for generations to come.

There’s no better way to make a difference.

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