Photo of Manuel Charumbira

Celebrating World Water Day with Mrs. Charumbira

Kusvada used to obtain water from a stream contaminated by sewage from the local hospital. Health problems were common - but not any more!
Two teens in Zaka

A Family for Sydney

We are committed to finding a family for every child.
Mrs. Zvidzai and family

A Simple Solution to a Deadly Problem

Mrs. Zvidzai is protecting her family from deadly health problems by building a rocket stove and taking her cooking outside.
Three children with birth certificates

Much More than a Piece of Paper

Birth certificates provide families living in extreme poverty with access to vital services and opportunities.
Tippy Tap

“Now we are a very healthy family”

Mrs. Matanda is a widow who has devoted herself to caring for her three orphaned grandchildren. Frequent illnesses made life very difficult. "Bopoma came to us at a time when we were in a desperate state."
Tippy Tap

Stopping disease before it starts

Gogo Magavhu is a widow who faces overwhelming challenges caring for her own family as well as her 3-year-old granddaughter.
Woman at Rocket Stove

Rocket Stoves Take Off in Zaka!

Most women in rural Zimbabwe cook indoors over an open fire—with dangerous consequences. Smoke from open fires causes serious heart and lung diseases as well as chronic eye conditions and even blindness.  It’s been estimated that open fires produce as much as 400 cigarettes worth of smoke an hour!  Open fires also expose women and …

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A row of people ditch digging

Climate-Smart Strategy Multiplies Crop Yields

Small-scale farmers in rural Zimbabwe rely on rainwater but inadequate rains in recent years have devastated agriculture, causing widespread food shortages. What little rain falls, quickly evaporates or runs off the dry compacted earth, barely penetrating the dusty soil. Bopoma Villages teaches farmers how to retain rainwater in their soil and store runoff.  Communities across …

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A Venture Capitalist’s Perspective

"I often feel that the non-profit industry does not manage its money well. Sometimes only a few cents of every dollar actually leads to measurable impact. But for me, Bopoma Villages is a grand exception."
Melania in her keyhole garden

Tara’s New Garden

Tara* smiles as she proudly shows us the bundle of kale she grew in her keyhole garden. “We used to have trouble finding vegetables to eat. I have 4 orphans under my care and as long as we keep working in this small garden, it will provide the nutrition we need. I have no stress, …

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Getting water from a stream

A Brighter Future for Elizabeth’s Family

Elizabeth* is the sole parent of 3 young children. As a subsistence farmer, she works long hours in her garden every day to grow food for her family and some to sell at the side of the road to earn a small income. She is proud to tell us that all of her children are …

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Bridget holds a book

Mercy Goes Back to School

Rather than face the embarrassment of showing up for school without proper clothing or a notebook in which to write, for months, Mercy* pretended to go to school, but instead spent her day hiding in the mountains. Mercy’s grandmother was doing her best to care for Mercy, but lacked the resources to provide for even …

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