Video: New Boreholes in Zaka

Thanks to the generosity of our donors Bopoma Villages has drilled new boreholes for 5 villages in Zaka! Watch our new video about how these ongoing sources of water will be life-changing for these communities.
Borehole Spouting Water

For Better or Worse…Water Changes Everything

Zimbabwe is suffering through the worst drought in more than 35 years. This year has been hot and dry with virtually no rainfall from December to February, normally the wettest months. The crop yields are very poor, and as most rural Zimbabweans are subsistence farmers and only eat what they can grow, hunger and malnutrition …

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Fly Trap

Remarkable Recycling in Zimbabwe

What do a fly trap and a tippy tap have in common? They are both made from empty plastic containers and both help save lives in poor remote villages in Zimbabwe. Simple homemade devices like fly traps and tippy taps are easy to construct using low or no-cost locally available materials. These simple implements protect …

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Willard in his new wheelchair

A Custom Wheelchair for Willard

In February 2016, Access Abilities donated a custom-fitted wheelchair to Bopoma Villages for Willard, a young man with cerebral palsy, who lives in a thatched hut with his mother and two brothers in a remote village in rural Zimbabwe. “We are so grateful to be able to help you help Willard” says co-owner Kirstin Courtney. …

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Charles Manzuma

Charles Manzuma

As part of our Healthy Homes program, Charles Manzuma and his family are no longer ill with water-borne diseases because a BioSand Filter, Tippy Tap, safe water storage container have been installed in his house. Healthy adults can work and care for their families, and healthy children can grow and learn!


Eugenia loves to show her Healthy Home - six no-cost interventions that dramatically contribute to healthy living.
Chimedza Volunteers

We Love Our Volunteer Gardeners

We are always inspired by the generosity of the villages we work in! The Chimedza community garden volunteers are constantly working hard to grow nutritious food not only for their own families, but also to share with young children and elders who are not able to farm for themselves.
Youth Against AIDS Club

Youth Mentoring + Vocational Training

Unemployment rates over 80% in rural areas have a harsh impact on orphaned and vulnerable youth. Options for improving their circumstances, such as pursuing job training or higher education, are few and virtually inaccessible to them. Girls have even fewer options than boys, pressuring many into early marriages in an attempt to secure some means …

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Tabitha and produce


Tabitha has struggled with health issues, including asthma, and required medication which she could not always afford. But she now enjoys the best health she has had for many years. How? Better nutrition thanks to fresh vegetables from her garden, clean water, and a Healthy Home. Because of the generosity of our donors women like …

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School Garden

A School With Vision

Maize plants are withering in surrounding areas, but thanks to Bopoma Villages’ agricultural training program the garden at Mutendi School is flourishing. The garden provides nutritious vegetables for orphaned children attending the school, and some is sold to provide funds for school fees and supplies, while students learn about nutrition and biointensive farming. The great …

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Boys at a borehole

Good Nutrition + Better Health = Thriving Kids

Just six months after Bopoma Villages introduced biointensive farming to Chimedza Village, gardens are flourishing and families are eating nutritious vegetables daily, bringing health and new energy. Well-nourished children avoid illness, go to school, learn – and play! As Mrs. Machingambi happily reported: “Now if you see our children playing in the fields, you will …

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Wesley and his mother

Wesley and Locadia

Wesley is a bright and engaging eight-year-old boy whose mother died in childbirth; his widowed grandmother, Locadia (above), cares for him and his older brother. She is one of the many heroic Zimbabwean grandmothers who are caring for a generation of orphaned children with few or no resources but with much love and determination. Locadia …

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