Girl getting water from Biosand Filter

Water Filter Works Perfectly Five Years Later

This is one of the original BioSand Filters built and installed in Zaka five years ago; it is still working perfectly and will for many years! This precious little girl has had clean drinking water her entire life, protecting her from the many water-borne diseases in Zimbabwe.

Mutendi School

Bopoma Villages worked with Mutendi School to build a large organic garden for the benefit of orphaned students. Watch this to see how the students expressed their gratitude and joy!

Interview with Water Filter Recipient

Mr. Petros is one of Bopoma Villages’ enthusiastic and happy water filter recipients. See what he has to say about his BioSand Filter in this video.
Bopoma Villages Volunteers

Responding to Tragedy

The Bopoma Villages team recently responded to a tragic situation in Zaka: the mother of three children died, leaving them orphans with no family to care for them. The mother was the children’s last surviving relative in the region; the children’s father had died several years earlier. While she was alive, the mother did subsistence farming but …

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Opening up a Biosand Filter

Health Department Tests Biosand Filter

The district health department recently tested water from the Nyabise River before and after it was treated with a Bopoma Villages Biosand Filter. The results were compelling. Bacteria in the untreated water were “TNTC” – too numerous to count; in the filtered water there were no bacteria at all. The Biosand Filter is a remarkable …

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image of Joseph Wasosa

Joseph Wasosa: A Local Hero

How does he do it? Joseph Wasosa is a gentle, thoughtful, and well-spoken man with a cheerful disposition. He is one of our volunteer Care Facilitators, and one of the most inspirational people we met during our most recent trip to Zimbabwe.   When Joseph’s wife died giving birth to their sixth child, he was …

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Welcome Elias!

We are thrilled to welcome Elias to Zaka! Elias is a Thrive trainer from Kenya who will live in Zaka for about one year, teaching biointensive agriculture and nutrition. He is training two local students (who have been to the Thrive training center in Kenya for four months) and working with Bopoma Villages’ team developing farming …

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Washing with Wood Ash

No Soap? Try Wood Ash!

Many people in Zimbabwe can’t afford soap, but wood ash is very effective for handwashing and readily available. In addition to supplying families and schools with BioSand Filters for purifying water, Bopoma Villages’ water team provides teaching on hygiene, including handwashing. Handwashing alone can reduce the mortality rate by 40%. These children are learning handwashing …

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A Boy Named Tadiwa

When Elsa, Bopoma Villages’ social worker, found Tadiwa, an eight-year-old orphan living with his grandmother, he was “a lovely boy, clever and ever-smiling.” But Tadiwa he had never been able to go to school and barely survived on handouts from neighbours. With Bopoma Villages’ help, Tadiwa is now attending school for the first time and …

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Komborero Garira, Zimbabwe Project Director

Komborero Garira

As in-country director, Komborero oversees all aspects of Bopoma Villages’ work in Zimbabwe including managing staff, overseeing budgets, supervising construction and liaising with Canadian staff. Komborero holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Education as well as an MBA from the University of South Africa. Bopoma Villages has made a very great impact in this …

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Kids at school

Chirara School success

  Water Filters and Hygiene Training Reduce Illness at Primary School by 82% In August 2012, the headmistress of Chirara Primary School approached Bopoma Villages concerned about the high incidence of diarrhea among her students and asked if her school could receive water filters. Within a few weeks, our team came to the school and …

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Charitable Status Approved

We’re pleased to announce that Bopoma Villages has now received charitable status in Canada!  All donations to Bopoma Villages from this point forward will be eligible for a charitable tax credit. We’re grateful to live in a country that supports charitable activity and continues to encourage its citizens to be generous. Donate Now
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