Bopoma Villages has been offered a fantastic opportunity to partner with One Day’s Wages to bring critically needed help to children and families in rural Zimbabwe.

The Opportunity:

$17,740 USD grant from One Day’s Wages if Bopoma Villages raises $17,740 for a total of $35,480!

All funds will be used to equip families living in extreme poverty with the tools and training they need to improve their health, grow nutritious food, and provide for their children. 

Zimbabwe is currently facing its worst-ever famine. Hunger causes almost half of all child deaths, contributes to illness and many chronic diseases, and keeps people trapped in  extreme poverty. But there are solutions.

Esther fought poverty – and won!

Esther struggled to provide for her five children. Unable to grow enough to meet her family’s needs, they frequently skipped meals and went to bed hungry. In the past, members of the family were often bedridden with severe stomach aches and dysentery due to contaminated water. Money that was desperately needed for food, school fees and other necessities was spent on medicine and hospital visits.

But things have turned around. With training in biointensive farming, Esther built a garden where she now grows kale, onions, and other vegetables. The family’s diet improved greatly and they are no longer skipping meals. With a tippy-tap handwashing station and a BioSand water filter they don’t suffer from diarrhea and other stomach problems. A rocket stove has dramatically reduced the family’s exposure to toxic smoke.

With the Healthy Homes training she has received, and Esther’s commitment and hard work, her family is experiencing renewed health and hope for their future.

With a grant from One Day’s Wages, we can bring this training to more families in Zaka, Zimbabwe.

EVERY DONATION brings us closer to receiving a matching grant of $17,740 USD and the opportunity to bring life-transforming help to children and families in rural Zimbabwe! Click here to DONATE NOW.

All donations are eligible for a U.S. tax receipt from One Day’s Wages (donations to this campaign are not eligible for Canadian tax receipts).