Extreme poverty is dangerous and deadly. It attacks families and communities on many fronts simultaneously, plunging them into the downward cycle of malnutrition, disease, inability to work, and hopelessness. To create lasting change, solutions to poverty must address the multiple root causes.

Bopoma Villages is excited to be partnering with One Day’s Wages to strengthen and equip families in rural Zimbabwe to improve their health, resist disease, and grow nutritious food. The Healthy Homes project introduces eight simple but powerful solutions that work together to empower individuals to create better lives for themselves and their children. Our partnership with One Day’s Wages will help to equip 160 more households with sustainable solutions to their hunger, health and water needs.

Tippy Tap in use

As part of the Healthy Homes project, One Day’s Wages will help bring tippy taps to rural Zimbabwe. A tippy-tap provides an easy-to-build handwashing station in rural areas with no running water. It is one of eight practical, proven and sustainable interventions that are creating Healthy Homes and communities in rural Zimbabwe.