Table Banking Group in Keppure

This summer, we celebrated the completion of five new boreholes in Zaka. The timing couldn’t have been better: Zimbabwe is suffering from its worst drought in 35 years. The villages we serve in Zaka are now among the few in the region with a reliable source of water.

At the same time, we’re aware that as many as 50% of boreholes in sub-Saharan Africa are broken and unusable, many in the first year of operation, due to lack of funds, expertise, and responsibility for maintenance.

Bopoma Villages is committed to developing solutions that are sustainable by the local communities. We provided a borehole for communities that were able to take responsibility for maintaining and repairing it. Our team worked with the villages to start a Table Banking group; the villages then demonstrated their commitment by collecting enough funds for the first year’s maintenance.

Table Banking is a group funding strategy where members meet and save a small amount of money regularly. They can then borrow from the fund to start a small business or for other needs. The money is paid back with interest which is distributed to all members.

Table Banking is a win-win: It provides rural villagers with the ability to save for the first time, supports the growth of small business in the community, and serves as a reserve fund to keep village pumps operational for years to come.

New Borehole in Keppure

The Keppure Community Garden was relocated near the borehole soon after its installation.
The new vegetable beds have kale, artemisia, onions and sweet potatoes.