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Clean Water

Would you drink from this stream?

Most people in the Zaka region of Zimbabwe have no choice. The only available water sources are almost always heavily contaminated and few people have access to water treatment.

Children getting water from a stream
Men bringing Biosand filter up a hill

Clean water changes lives

Clean water means better health. Children can stay in school and learn and adults can work and care for their families. It’s estimated that every $1 invested in water and sanitation produces an economic return of $4 by keeping people healthy and productive.

BioSand Water Filters (BSF)

A single BSF can purify enough water to supply the needs of a household of up to 10 people. All of our water filters are made locally in Zaka, providing the dignity of employment to eight people and a source of economic activity for the local area.

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BioSand Filter building
Borehole spouting water

Community Wells

Every day, women and girls spend 200 million hours collecting water — a huge loss of productive time, and often dangerous for girls. The water they collect is usually heavily contaminated, exposing their families to illness from waterborne diseases. Bopoma Villages drills wells to provide communities with a local source of water and trains local volunteers to manage and maintain them.

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