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Would you drink this water?

Most people in rural Zimbabwe have no choice.  The water they draw from ponds and streams is almost always heavily contaminated with bacteria and parasites. People suffer needlessly from infections and deadly diseases, such as cholera and typhoid fever, which could easily be prevented with simple water treatment.

A girl fetching water
child holding a glass of clean water

Clean water changes lives

Clean drinking water is an essential first step to good health. Healthy children can stay in school and learn and healthy adults can work and care for their families. Clean water is also a good financial investment. It’s estimated that every $1 invested in water and sanitation produces an economic return of $4.

BioSand Water Filters (BSF)

A BSF removes  up to 100% of parasites and almost all bacteria and viruses. A single BSF can purify enough water to supply the needs of a household of up to 10 people. All of our water filters are made locally in Zaka, providing the dignity of employment and a much needed source of economic activity in a rural area battered by financial collapse.

woman beside a water filter
people at a well

Community Wells

Every day, women and girls worldwide spend 200 million hours collecting water — an unfathomable loss of productive time, and often dangerous for girls. Bopoma Villages drills wells to provide communities with a local source of water for drinking, washing, and gardens, and trains local volunteers to manage and maintain them.

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