We bring solutions that work together to build healthy, resilient,
self-sufficient families and communities.


Building Food Security

Food security is chronically poor in Zaka due to recurrent droughts, poor farming practices, high unemployment, and political instability. Malnutrition is a contributing factor in one-half of all childhood deaths. Building food security is essential to improving health and strengthening and equipping families to overcome extreme poverty.

Keyhole Garden
Productive garden

Biointensive Organic Farming

We train local communities in nutrition and biointensive farming. The methods we teach require minimal space and water and use no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Families and communities learn how to develop highly-productive gardens that produce wholesome food year round.

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Rainwater Harvesting

Every drop of rainwater that can be captured and stored is one that doesn’t have to be fetched and carried a long distance. Bopoma Villages teaches simple rainwater harvesting strategies that keep gardens growing long past the rainy season and save women and children many hours walking to gather water — time better spent farming, working or at school.

→ The effort invested in digging this rainwater trench at a community garden was richly rewarded when the rains came and filled it to overflowing!

A row of people ditch digging