Tippy Tap

The Tippy Tap consists of a 3 to 5 liter plastic container filled with water and suspended from a wooden frame. A string attached to the neck of the container is tied to a piece of wood at ground level. Users simply step on the piece of wood to tip the container and start the flow of water. Liquid soap can be dissolved in the water or a piece of soap suspended from the frame; when soap is not available wood ash is a very effective alternative (try it sometime!). Tippy Taps use a fraction of the amount of water needed to wash hands using other methods.

Handwashing has been shown to reduce rates of diarrhea by as much as 30% yet it is not widely practised. Encouraging handwashing is a particular challenge in rural areas where few have access to running water and water and soap are scarce resources required for other household purposes. Tippy Taps are a simple, very low cost, yet highly-effective tool to promote and facilitate handwashing.

Bopoma Villages’ water team teaches proper handwashing techniques to families and school groups and demonstrates how to build Tippy Taps. Students are encouraged to build Tippy Taps at their schools and to build and encourage their families to use them at home.

Liberty teaching students to build a Tippy Tap

Liberty from Bopoma Villages teaches students how to use a Tippy Tap

Tippy Taps